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Tewodros is a vibrant speaker, leader, and educator with over 10 years of experience in the field of leadership development. Creating the Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS) as a response to the growing need for servant leaders in his home country of Ethiopia, he has designed and facilitated trainings for government offices, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprises. Valuing servant leadership as a cornerstone of organizational change, Tewodros continually works to develop the capacity of individuals, companies, and organizations as a means to create sustainable and positive leadership solutions. He has the ability to work with diverse constituencies, utilizing his extensive experience to build bridges, create innovative solutions, and ultimately foster environments that will lead to worldwide changes in the fields of leadership and organizational development.
Elias has strong academic and professional experience in Marketing Management. He has been a lecturer at Wollega University where he also coordinated the Center for Training and Development. Elias is very energetic and adaptable. Elias uses his extensive marketing and training background to train and empower people. He is always looking for opportunities to learn grow and that’s what makes him a great person to have on our team.
Nombulelo Mbokazi Programs, Curriculum and Training Coordinator.
Nombulelo Mbokazi Programs, Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Training Coordinator. She channels her energy into collaboratively seeking and finding solutions to transform the continent and effect positive change. She has experience in accelerating initiation of sustainable economic and social wealth through nurturing business potential; focusing on ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to the most relevant conditions of sustainable business growth in the most valuable ways, by pursuing novel innovations to business processes in the local context. Since Africans represent the world’s largest youth population, growing integrated African systems that flourish make up her pertinent responsibility. She is passionate about exploring new sustainable models to enhance the developing world's current challenges. She believes that one of the best skills any human being can ever aspire to have is the skill of unlearning and relearning.
Saminas Belaynh Community Development and EMS Program Coordinator
Saminas Belaynh Seyfu a community development and entrepreneurs' mind set program coordinator with an exceptional passion for youth development and entrepreneurs' mind set. He holds a BA degree in Business Management and certificate in public management from Arizona State University. He served Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in different positions as well as African Union Foundation as fundraising officer. As a student, he actively participated in student politics and rose up the ranks from deputy president to president of the student association at Debre Berhan University.
ELDANA BEFEKADU WOLDEPartnership and Programs Director
Eldana is passionate about creativity and social entrepreneurship. She designs and leads programs to empower youth in social innovation and entrepreneurship. After spending time in Europe, Asia and Africa working in Marketing, Event Management, Community Development, Ecotourism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Eldana entered the startup world through Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. She is the founder of Bemela Coffee and Rosa Abyssincia Gallery. She holds a BA in Marketing Management, MBA candidate in CSR & NGO Management. Eldana enjoys being a cultural connector through business and networking in these two countries. Besides her interest in the intersection between creativity and business, she likes to wind down with a cup of Espresso Macchiato and some music.
YONAS TADESSECreative Arts Consultant
Yonas Tadesse is a self-taught Ethiopian photographer fascinated with art from a very young age. Having great eyes for culture and richness of stories, his inner drive comes from the meaning behind images. Yonas believes that in Africa there are stories everywhere, everything has a voice if given the means to speak. This is something that is important to him as he strives to become an outlet, an instrument to voice this African beauty all over the world. Yonas also gives back to the community through photography trainings and workshops for young aspiring artists in Addis Ababa. Yonas is working hard to spread the word on what is being done at xHub and developing new partnerships.
KIBROM TADESSEInnovation Consultant
Blending Business Management and Leadership Studies, I am now using my experience in the areas of project Management such as project design, planning and implementation of areas of business, construction, development projects, and consultancy to set up an Innovation Hub to build up entrepreneurial potential of tech based industry. Experience on prefabricated construction, how payments for environmental services can be used in development such as carbon projects. Interested in working on business consultancy, feasibility studies, innovative solutions, charity projects and business management.
  • Founded in 2014, xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS). It was birthed from a desire to give back to the community and to offer a gift of lasting value. CALS is a leadership training and management consulting company that trains people and organizations to create better systems Read More

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