About us

xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS) founded in 2014. With CALS as a strategic partner, our mission is not only to provide a strong support system for our entrepreneurs, but to transform them into great leaders as well.


Merging entrepreneurship and leadership to bring about social change.

The ‘x’ in xHub stands for two things.



We are firm believers that there is no limit to the amount of imagination and creativity that one can use to come up with local solutions to local problems, so x represents that unknown.
x is the global symbol used when an answer to a question is wrong, but for us, it is a reminder to embrace failure as a very crucial part of the growth process.
X = Innovation+ Passion+ Collaboration +Environment

Talent Wins Games, Teams Win Championships!

Tewodros Tadesse

Founder and CEO

Education/ Experience:
Over 10 years of experience in leadership development. Vibrant speaker, leader and educator.

Founder of Center for African Leadership Studies, an initiative focused on developing the capacity of individuals, companies, and organizations through sustainable and positive leadership solutions.

Yomuma Likessa

Chief Success Officer

Education/experience: BA in Marketing Management, BSC in Process Engineering

Prior experience in startup incubation, business development, and entrepreneurship

Enjoys: Reading self-development books, connecting with nature and experimenting with new habits

Aspire to: Encourage, serve & challenge peoples to grow so that they possess a positive experience in their lifetime.

Ephrata Gezahegn

Talent Development and Empowerment Coordinator

BA management (enrolled)
Well experienced in data analysis and people development through leadership

Sitcom movies and discussion on philosophical understandings

Aspires to:
Change the community’s attitude towards work through consulting and
developing people, and strengthening our youths’ capabilities for a better future.

Adam Tewodros Sahilu

Business Development Coordinator

Education/Experience: BA in Communication

Experienced in Startup Ecosystems, Social Enterprise Development, Communications, Business Development

Enjoys: Humble History, Toastmasters, and mindfulness
Aspires to: Contribute to positive social change, make bad jokes, and learn continuously.

Glory Muva

Program Manager

Education/experience: BSc in Land Economy

Enjoys: Traveling and Inspiring generation next

Aspires to : be a global leader effecting change in society

Dr. Ruth Demeke

Healthcare Leadership Program Coordinator

Medical Doctor, graduated from St Paul’s Hospital Medical College

Enjoys: Learning and understanding more.

Aspires to: See a better healthcare system in Ethiopia!

Zerihun Tesfaye Syoum

Legal Officer

Education: Associate Degree in Law

15+ years experience in different legal positions including the regional high court justice.

Enjoys: Reading books, morning exercises, and watching movies.

Joana Kasuzumira

Training Coordinator

Education: BSc. Agricultural Economics

Experience: 4 years of work experience, currently
an African Union youth ambassador deployed to CALS as a training coordinator,

Aspires to: Raise and empower young Africans into great leaders by
enabling them boost their potential

Enjoys: Reading and watching documentaries.

Azeb Woldeyesus


7 years of accounting experience at Center for African Leadership Studies

Enjoys: Worship and listening to worship songs

Aspires to: Live life to the fullest and help people in need.

Betelhem Chane

Marketing and Digital Media Coordinator

BA in Marketing and Managment (enrolled)

Well experienced in event planning, organization, stakeholder management, public relations, communications and digital media.

Enjoys: zumba classes, reading books and laid back afternoons.
Aspires to: Empower women

Hannes Garben

Digitization Coordinator

University of Göttingen; Bachelor of Arts, major in Economics and minor in Sociology
Consultant, East Africa Partners

Blogging (www.021.be), podcasts, writing, entrepreneurial events, strategy games, cooking

Aspire to:
Influence the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and become one myself.