Global Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme (G.E.E.P.)

Our entrepreneurs get the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures through training and other opportunities abroad.

Global Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme (G.E.E.P) is a collaboration between Seed Forum Norway, Socialatom from Colombia, Growth Africa from Kenya, and CALS from Ethiopia. The project will inspire and empower young entrepreneurs in Norway, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya to become integral members of the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. G.E.E.P will provide them with access to international business support infrastructure, skills, services, markets, networks, and finance in the project countries. The exchanged young people will be instrumental in building linkages and opportunities across markets, networks, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Through the exchange, the partner organizations will enhance their own entrepreneurship and acceleration programs.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for G.E.E.P.

Mastercard Foundation Mentor Development Program

Eden Begashaw

“The Mentor Development Program has helped me to acquire the skills and qualities that a great mentor needs to develop. The program has provided me with great insights into the importance of Mentorship in the startup ecosystem, where there is a high failure rate, and where Mentorship is considered a critical foundational component for building a successful startup. Thank you xHub Addis, CALS, and The MasterCard Foundation for organizing such a life-changing program.”

Fetene Aragaw Temesgen

“The Mentor Training Program organized and delivered by xHub Addis helped me understand the roles of mentoring in day-to-day life and be in a position where I can help others as a mentor by developing the necessary transferable skills. It also helped me gain practical advice and learn from other trainees’ experiences. I am very grateful for the chance given to me to participate in the program.”

Yohannes Berihun

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to xHub to participate in the business mentorship development program.

It was a golden and life-changing opportunity. You empowered me to live life boldly on my terms. You taught me to work in harmony, listen to people and new ideas, and provide honest feedback. Knowledge, experience, and energy are the three things that I will keep working on.”

Mikias Kebede

“I found the xHub Addis MDP quite exciting and nurturing. It was a foundational and practical experience. It has equipped me significantly in understanding the nature, process, and elements of mentorship crucial to fruitful engagement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was also a door to multi-faceted opportunities such as networking with fellow mentees and mentors and a welcoming environment for holistic development.”

Mentor Development Program

In collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation and the Jobs Creation Commission, CALS and xHub Addis train mentors to empower the startup ecosystem.

Mentors Development Program

We believe that mentorship and coaching are necessary ingredients in developing successful entrepreneurs. Our mentor development program is centered on the skills and abilities needed to be able to support entrepreneurs through innovative ways to move their businesses to the next level. If you are interested in becoming an xHub mentor, please contact us!


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