Problem Solvers

In a country where most of its population suffers from social problems we believe that informed and educated youth can be a part of the solution. In our own country and our people, the solutions for day to day issues has to come from Youth Entrepreneurs.  Unless we step up and asses our own problems we cannot be the problem solvers the country can depend on. 

We invite innovative ideas on common aspects of the society mainly in health, transportation and other social problems. We encourage entrepreneurs with solutions to the common issues of the daily traffic and the current health care issues that knocks every one of us’ doors every day. 

Through trainings and couching with professionals in the field, you will be supported to develop your ideas in to service or product that will influence and be able to impact the day to day life of the people of the country. And by the end of the year with a help of our investors you will be able to launch your business plans to help those who need your service/product. 


  • Founded in 2014, xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS). It was birthed from a desire to give back to the community and to offer a gift of lasting value. CALS is a leadership training and management consulting company that trains people and organizations to create better systems Read More

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