The Entrepreneurs' Mind Set Event - Every month

Have you had that coffee chat with your friends about the complexities of the problems in our country ? have you taken that conversation home in the hope of finding solutions ? Have you found yourself short of an idea where to start .....solving process?

You, who dreams big and seek for meaning in your dreams, you, with the growth mindset and can-do attitude, have you heard of the monthly happening at the xHub Addis? It is a platform where aspiring social entrepreneurs and innovators meet successful social entrepreneurs and take learnings from champions of choices, those who made a conscious effort and shine through the rough entrepreneurs’ journey. Dreaming bigger than reality, doing more than what has been done and being more than expected of ....would add up to finding more meaning to the entrepreneur’s mindset .

Rest assured, your mind will be sparked with ideas from the speakers, bombarded with challenges and struggles from all walks of life.

What to expect?

  1. Champions of Choices, a self-made entrepreneurs success story & Learnings
  2. Entrepreneur’s challenge, an innovative & entrepreneurial solution competitions for presented challenges
  3. Mella Mella, recapping on the learnings from the entrepreneur’s mindset

Once you take part in this exciting event, you will have the opportunity to participate by writing a concept note of the creative and innovative solutions you would think appropriate. You shall submit your ideas for competition to xHub Addis. Assume your idea outshines all and you won the Entrepreneur’s challenge.You know what that means?? It means you will be handed the front door key to be mentored, and have the comforting space to be coached and supported to realize your dreams of meaning more!

All you have to do is register online, beforehand, for the monthly “The Entrepreneurs’ Mindset” sessions happening every first Saturday of the month, Gregorian Calendar.

Come to be inspired to bring the change you hope to see in the world. It is where it begins, you are the wheels to take it further. 

  • Founded in 2014, xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS). It was birthed from a desire to give back to the community and to offer a gift of lasting value. CALS is a leadership training and management consulting company that trains people and organizations to create better systems Read More

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