Incubated sTARTUPS

Awaqi Education

Awaqi Education links school aged children with certified tutors and mentors. Awaqi Education creates quality assurance by rigorously training its tutors and mentors in pedagogical courses as well as leadership training.

Endarese Destination

Specializing in corporate travel and event management, Enderase provides an end -to -end logistics support to end logistics support to end logistics support to end logistics support to end logistics support to business travelers coming to Ethiopia.

Nisan Early Childhood

NISAN is a professional childcare service providing company, working on creating an affordable, quality assured childcare system, mainly working with stay at home moms with little to no income. Child care and training are the main products of NISAN.


LSSYA is online mental health counseling platform that links individuals with qualified mental health professionals instantly. LSSYA offers security for all information exchange on its platforms and a thorough vetting process for all the mental health professionals.

Noble Cup

Noble cup aims to empower women and girls throughout the African continent by providing them with menstrual cups, and widespread education about female biology and reproductive rights. Noble cup answers to the needs of African women by fighting the stigma associated to menstruation, and by making life while bleeding easier, cleaner, safer and more manageable.

Yhow Solutions

Yhow Solutions is a digital content sharing platform for higher education. Yhow Solutions is solving the problem of limited access to course material faced throughout the country in public universities and colleges.

Mamallot Gardens

Mamallot gardens works on introducing the new techniques of water harvesting that can solve the major challenges of horticulture farming such as healthy fresh water shortage and producing business oriented products (innovation and research manuals; seedlings production trays, grooves, etc. so that they are available to the stakeholders for business planning, training and further research under legal financial compensations and recognitions.