The Dreamers

For the mother of Axum and lalibela, undying architectural masterpieces are never too hard to find.  And we believe this generation has a responsibility to continue this legacy. They say architecture is an art itself and buildings speak for themselves and not only the beauty of a building but the construction of the foundation maters. Nothing shows the coming of dreams to reality as a building stands off its paper.

With the growing economy the demand of visionary architects and engineers is high and with the right training your ideas could be one of the sky scrapers in Addis Ababa and other growing cities of the country and your names will be parts of the undying history.

 in order to make your architectural, artistic and engineering dreams come true we invite you to train lean and be mentored to transform the ideas in to standing buildings with the help of experts over one year time. Only a maximum of four people will be selected for this opportunity and by the end of the year be able to transform their ideas in to business programs with our investors.

  • Founded in 2014, xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS). It was birthed from a desire to give back to the community and to offer a gift of lasting value. CALS is a leadership training and management consulting company that trains people and organizations to create better systems Read More

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