Start-up Incubation Programs

Innovation Factory

Together with GIZ, xHub Addis is incubating 2 e-learning start-ups called Haleta Tutors and Bithio. We are supporting these incubates by providing them guidance and training to enable them to strengthen the ecosystem and provide Ethiopia’s young population the opportunity to access e-learning content.


In April 2021,  FDRE Jobs Creation Commission and UNDP  in partnership with the Center for African Leadership Studies/xHub Addis launched a campaign in search of groundbreaking early-stage high growth potential entrepreneurs for a four-month dynamic incubation program. AHUN was born out of the belief that all entrepreneurs are heroes. Its aim was to produce next-generation digital entrepreneurs with the ability to thrive in an ever-changing local and global business environment, including high resilience and quick recovery to external shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic as well as cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset  of young professionals.


During the most challenging times, innovation is often driven to its peak. Following that theory, The Ministry of Innovation and Technology in  partnership with UNDP launched a COVID-19 challenge, with xHub Addis as a business development and incubation consultant. 

The challenge was designed to find and support innovators creating  solutions that help prevent, detect and control the virus. 

On Friday, September 3, 2021, xHub, MiNT, and UNDP Ethiopia hosted a bazaar and invited guests to partake in the exhibition of these creative young minds’ with innovative inventions.

Young Africa Works Ethiopia (YAW)

Young Africa Works in Ethiopia is an initiative by Mastercard Foundation that seeks to create employment opportunities for the youth in partnership with Ethiopia’s Jobs Creation Commission (JCC). 

YAW is aligned with the Ethiopian government’s plan to create new jobs to  spur economic growth and was designed in partnership with the government, the private sector, academic institutions, and young people.

On May 27th, 2021 Ethiopia’s first cohort of 137 business mentors for startups and SMEs and 20 startup enterprises graduated at a special ceremony that celebrated the dedication, ingenuity, and achievement of these impressive

young entrepreneurs who have completed the year-long incubation program. 

Our business accelerator program gives developing companies access  to mentorship, investors, and other support that help them become stable  and self-sufficient businesses. 

In addition, our accelerator program gives expanding companies access to logistical and technical resources. We will also connect companies to networks of peers for experience sharing. 

Our aim is to support these companies to run on their own with strong positioning and claim a share of their target markets. Companies that use business accelerators are ones that have moved  beyond the early stage of establishment and can stand on their own  two feet. They only need guidance and peer support to gain strength. 

If you are an early-stage company you would benefit from our business incubation program for support.