We are working to empower future entrepreneurs and leaders who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethics that can be a source of solutions for our country and the continent. Our training is based on a wide experience of entrepreneurship that will encourage you to ask yourself the most important questions about owning your own business. You will also learn from others experiences through our vast network. We have various training in different fields of business, entrepreneurship, digital business, health, life skills, and more. 


Our packages include:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Management Skills
  3. Organizational Behavior and Design
  4. Entrepreneurship for Start-ups
  5. Finance and Financial Management
  6. Business Law and Regulatory Framework in Ethiopia
  • If you want a specific focus on the type of training to receive, we provide the Business Clinic which includes several unique packages to choose from.

The packages include: 

  1. Financial  
  2. Marketing 
  3. Legal 

For more information please call or send us an email.