About Us

xHub Addis is an incubation and acceleration hub where
enthusiastic entrepreneurs are trained, mentored, and coached.

Who We Are?

xHub Addis is an incubation and acceleration hub where enthusiastic entrepreneurs are trained, mentored, and coached. We have different incubation and acceleration programs, workshops, events, and networking opportunities in order to integrate leadership and entrepreneurship for a wide range of industries and in turn to produce successful innovators. Our incubation and acceleration center is well equipped to boost tomorrow’s innovators.
We also have a diverse team of dedicated employees who focus on empowering leaders and entrepreneurs of Ethiopia and who give innovators the tools to enhance their quality of leadership. Our aim is to motivate and enable the youth to build sustainable and innovative companies by sharing outcome-based knowledge and experience that inspires them to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Our Story

Founded in 2014, xHub Addis is an initiative of the Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS) operating with a mission to incubate, mentor, and coach young entrepreneurs. The overall aim of CALS is to build indigenous resources for the study of leadership in a distinctively African setting. For more information on CALS, please visit: https://africanleadershipstudies.com/.
To be an impactful hub where education and training is at our heart and where we place a unique emphasis on leadership xHub Addis helps develop businesses and services in the fields of Information Technology, Agribusiness, Communication, Health, Transportation, Engineering, Art, Design, and Education. xHub Addis is a place where great ideas, visions, and dreams are turned into business opportunities or tangible products for a sustainable future. At the center, we provide an open community space where members (entrepreneurs) receive unlimited access to the internet and full-suite services of networking with our international and local partners, coaches, mentors, and investors, who share our values.
The ‘x’ in xHub stands for our firm belief that there is no limit to the amount of imagination and creativity that one can use to come up with local solutions to local problems. ‘x’ represents the unknown. ‘x’ is the global symbol used when an answer to a question is wrong, but for us, it is a reminder to embrace failure as a very crucial part of the growth process and to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To share outcomes-based knowledge and experience that inspires participants to learn and grow personally, professionally, as team/group and as an organization

Our Values

Our Partners